14 Aug

London Magic Shows: The New In Thing

MagicianLondoners are a very lively crowd and are always on the hunt for the next fun thing to do. Magic shows are increasingly becoming a favored past time for many people in London. Audiences have been entertained for centuries by magic, seeing the impossible happen before your eyes captivates countless people who bask in mysticism and wonderment.

Magic shows make for a fun outing whether you are looking to entertain your kids, hanging out with your friends, on a hot date or simply looking for a something fresh and exciting.

There are a wide of variety of magic shows in London and there is delightfully mystifying entertainment round every corner. There are different types of magic shows and industry insiders have specific terms for them. Before buying a ticket check out if the magic performance is strolling magic, parlor show, children’s show, comedy magic, illusions, escapology, box jumper, dove show or mentalist. See more details on www.alanhudson.net

It is also important to find out how many magicians will be show casing their talents at the show and how long each performance takes. Many shows in London typically feature a troupe of magicians excelling at different types of magic ensuring a wholesome thrilling experience.

Ticket prices vary depending on the quality and number of magicians showcasing, show venue and time slot; high demand time slots such a weekends and evening are more expensive than weekday tickets. Life in London is not cheap; compare ticket prices to ensure you snag the best deal. Also if you are looking for an magician for Weddings there are so many to hire from and what we recommended is what’s good.


In case you have never attended magic show here a couple of reasons to try it out.

  • You always learn something new at a magic show
  • Your kids will love it
  • It is a unique first date idea


Go and witness the misdirection for yourself and invite a couple of friends to see if they can spot the trick. You won’t regret it!