01 Jun

How to Ask Someone Out on a Date

Female and man's hands with red heart

Weigh your chances of getting a positive reply
An outright “no” often happens if you ask someone out during the first few minutes of meeting them. If you have already crossed the part where the two of you are just acquaintances, you can proceed to gauge someone’s interest in going out with you based on body language and responses. If she is somewhat close or uninterested, move on to the next prospect.

Be very specific about the details
“Want to have dinner with me this Friday” is a lot better than “we can have dinner or something”. Something what? It is important to be very clear about what you have in mind. You can even go as far as getting down to specifics. People tend to relax when they get a clear picture of what you are proposing.

Prepare several options
Although being specific is good, allowing room for flexibility is just as good. You can add an alternative to your suggestion, especially if the problem is the schedule. Most people may say no to one thing and then yes to another. So be ready with other plans.

Allow the person time to think about it
If you struggle to ask someone out, the other person may struggle to say yes. If you do not put pressure with your offer, you can avoid an outright rejection.

Whoever said asking someone out on a date is a walk in the park probably has Lady Luck on his side. You can be just as successful with the tips listed above. So, single Hindus out there, take the first step.